Star Hero Balayya's mark in Hindupuram for its developments..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Star hero Balayya's mark in hindupuram for its developments..!?

-Balayya won as mla from hindupuram twice in a row.

-Balayya solved drinking water problems in Hindupuram.

-Balayya has promised to give two acres of land to poor farmers.

It is not an easy thing to look like a father's son in the fields of cinema and politics. However, balayya is succeeding in both these fields as well as seeming like his father's son in these two fields. It seems that there is no doubt that balayya, who has won as mla from hindupuram twice in a row, is sure to win again in this election as well. Even though balayya was in opposition in the last five years, the development of hindupuram did not stop. balayya solved drinking water problems in hindupuram and constructed CC roads and culverts in balayya villages. Balayya is providing meals to 400 people per day by setting up their own canteens. Some people of Hindupur think that balayya is not mla but God.


People say that balayya spends his own funds and organizes welfare programs for the people. local people reveal that balayya used to carry out operations with his own money if anyone had health problems. Locals reveal that balayya will win with a majority of 30 thousand. The people of hindupuram said that only if balayya becomes MLA again,Hindupuram will develop faster. Balayya has recently promised to give two acres of land to poor farmers if the alliance comes to power. Locals think that balayya is a man who does not hide anything in his mind. It can be said that if the alliance comes to power in AP, there are chances of balayya becoming a minister. Some people say that hindupuram needs to be further developed. Comments show that hindupuram has developed somewhat after balayya became MLA.

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