Nara Lokesh has still a lot to prove..!?

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Nara Lokesh has still a lot to prove..!?

-There is no obstacle for lokesh to inherit from Chandrababu.

-The falsehoods in his speeches labeled him as a fool.4

-Nara lokesh has matured a bit after joining the opposition.

Chandrababu is a senior politician in this country. He has served as chief minister for 14 years. He is a person who is likely to serve as chief minister for another five years if given the chance. Not only in telugu states, he has shown his ability at the national level, and the expectations of such a person's son are also at the same level. As Nara is the only son of Chandrababu, there is no obstacle for lokesh to inherit from Chandrababu. But lokesh was very hesitant to prove it. lokesh lacks attractive looks but has impressive eloquence. Moreover, the knowledge of the subject was limited in the early days. nara lokesh used to think that being Chandrababu's son was his only qualification. In addition to this, the falsehoods in his speeches in the early days made his opponents label him as a fool.

And when the party came to power in 2014, taking the post of minister also drew criticism. After that, even if he was elected as an MLC, he did not get the name of a big political achievement because it was an indirect election. After that, the first defeat in political life also became a hindrance for Nara Lokesh. In the 2014 elections, nara lokesh, who contested from Mangalagiri, was defeated by ramakrishna REDDY' target='_blank' title='alla-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">alla ramakrishna Reddy.

With so many tides, nara lokesh could not seem like a son worthy of his father. But it must be said that nara lokesh has matured a bit after joining the opposition. Through the long walk, they got into the crowd a bit. Now it is evident in his speech. Gradually Nara Lokesh is getting better. However, he still has a lot to prove. india Herald hopes that in this election he will be able to gain power and show his mark in governance.

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