Israel strikes Gaza in heaviest shelling in weeks

Israel has stepped up its attacks throughout Gaza as the conflict with Hamas continues, with what is thought to be the most intense bombardment in recent weeks. In addition, the army of the nation issued new orders for the enclave's northward evacuation, alerting locals to the dangers of being in a "dangerous combat zone".
Satellite photos showing a new complex of tents being erected near Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip suggested that israel was also preparing an operation against the city of Rafah, according to the Associated Press. In its attempt to destroy Hamas, Israel's air and ground assault in Gaza has claimed the lives of over 34,000 Palestinians. The two biggest cities in Gaza have been completely destroyed, and a humanitarian disaster has resulted.


• Overnight, israel launched some of the most intense bombardment on the northern Gaza Strip in weeks. On the northern data-border of the Gaza Strip, army tanks launched a fresh invasion east of Beit Hanoun, albeit they did not go very far inside the city. Gunfire was also reported from several schools where fleeing citizens were taking refuge, according to news agency Reuters. israel declared the northern Gazan region of Beit Lahia to be a "dangerous combat zone" and issued fresh orders for evacuation.

• According to the Associated Press, as the Israeli military prepared to launch an assault on the city of Rafah, it examined certain satellite photos that revealed the construction of a new tent camp close to Khan Younis. The agency stated that the tent camp was being put up to shelter displaced persons and was unrelated to any upcoming military action, quoting a Palestinian health official. During an expected attack on the southern city of Rafah, israel has stated that it intends to evacuate residents from Rafah.

• As air raid sirens sounded in northern israel on Tuesday, the military said that two Hezbollah members had been killed by Israeli aircraft in southern Lebanon. Subsequently, Hezbollah acknowledged the passing of Hussein Azkoul, one of its fighters, but gave no more information. Hezbollah's aerial section may be severely impacted by Azkoul's death, according to the Israeli military, but the organisation has downplayed such claims in the past.

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