CBN's Promise - 10 Lakhs Loan Without Interest - Possible?

Chandrababu is not leaving any opportunity to turn the tables and with the desire to win in ap in 2024 elections. Chandrababu announced another sensational promise that as soon as the alliance comes to power in AP. He promised interest-free loans of up to 10 lakh rupees will be given to women's groups. Chandrababu revealed that the alliance will take the responsibility of turning women into millionaires.
Babu made these comments as part of open meetings in Patapatnam and Amudalavala. Babu promised to give 15 thousand rupees to the number of children a mother has through the Vandanam scheme and 90 thousand rupees to each woman at the rate of 1500 rupees per month in five years. chandrababu naidu said that it is my responsibility to make 9 lakh rupees for that 90 thousand rupees.
Chandrababu said that women will be given three free gas cylinders per year. Babu says that he will implement a pension of 4,000 rupees to provide free bus facility to women. While Babu is declaring every promise that he has given as power is supreme, what will happen to the financial situation of ap if so many schemes are implemented, Babu is asking in reverse.
Common people are saying that if Chandrababu does not implement these promises after the alliance comes to power, what will be the situation. netizens suggest that the budget should also be kept in mind as it is not enough to announce promises at will. It must be said that due to the fact that Chandrababu had not implemented the loan waiver properly in the past, people will not easily believe his promises.

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