Poisonous substance in India's fish curry masala...!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Poisonous substance in India's fish curry masala...!?

The Food Authority of singapore has ordered to send back Everest fish Curry masala to india, claiming that it contains toxic substances. Everest is an India-headquartered food manufacturing company. Everest Company manufactures many food items including spices, the company is also exporting its products to various countries. It is said that the company has been operating since 1967. In this case, the singapore Food Agency (SFA), the country's food safety agency, said that the fish curry spice exported by the company to singapore is contaminated with toxic substances and is sending it back to India. In particular, Everest E-Curry masala has high levels of ethylene oxide, which is unfit for human consumption.  Ethylene oxide is a pesticide and although it may be used sparingly to preserve spices, it is not approved for use in foodstuffs, according to the Food Agency of Singapore. In a statement issued by the Food Authority of singapore, "The Center for Food Safety in hong kong has issued a notification regarding the return of Everest fish Curry masala to india due to the presence of ethylene oxide over the permitted level." The Food Agency of singapore has also issued an order to exporter SP Muthiah and Sons Pvt. requesting the recall of Everest fish Curry Masala.

Ethylene oxide is commonly used as an insecticide to kill microorganisms from agricultural products. However, its direct use in food is prohibited.

This is what the singapore Food Authority said in its report. "The use of ethylene oxide in spices for sterilization is permitted under the singapore Food Regulations," it said. It has also been reported that there is no immediate danger from consuming food with low levels of ethylene oxide. However, it is also said that long-term consumption of such chemicals can cause health problems. In this regard, it said, "There is no immediate danger in consuming these chemicals in food. However, it should be minimized as much as possible."

In response to the media, Everest Company said, "Our company is more than 50 years old and reputed. All our products are subjected to rigorous tests at the factory before being sent out. For this, we strictly adhere to the highest hygiene and food safety standards and regulations laid down by the concerned authorities, theSpices Board of india, theFood Safety and Standards Commission of india, and other statutory bodies. Before exporting the products, each product is subjected to quality inspection by the Spices Board of India. However, we are awaiting an official communication to fully understand the issue and our quality control team will monitor the matter."

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