Pooja Hegde Reveals Where she gets the Enthusiasm from?

Yesterday, april 17, pooja hegde was spotted out with her family at a mumbai eatery. Actor rohan mehra, who is purportedly dating Hegde, stood just behind her. They fueled their friendship even if they did not pose together.
The actress, who starred in "Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan," was spotted leaving a restaurant with her parents. As they left, she also posed for pictures with the photographers. Filmmaker rohan mehra was just behind them. And he posed for the photographers. They did not, however, remain together for the cameras. It was also, pooja Hegde's father's birthday and there are lots of speculations something is going to be popped out sooner!

Pooja Hegde on her instagram story revealed that she gets her Enthusiasm from her father Manjunath Hegde. She also called her father as the goofiest of them all. pooja hegde and rohan mehra were spotted together before as well, which fueled speculation that they could be dating. They haven't discussed it, though. In the past, rohan mehra was romantically involved with tara Sutaria. pooja hegde was spotted with her family and with actor rohan mehra at a mumbai restaurant. They did not pose together, but their joint appearance has added fuel to relationship speculations.

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