PM Modi -"Emotional" after seeing Ram Lalla's Surya Tilak!!!

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PM Modi -"Emotional" after seeing ram Lalla's surya Tilak!!! 

On Wednesday, prime minister Narendra Modi used his tablet to view Lord Ram's "Surya Tilak" in Ayodhya. Following his speech at an electoral rally in Nalbari, Assam, prime minister Modi expressed his strong emotional response to the ram Navami celebration event. "I watched the surya Tilak on ram Lalla after my Nalbari rally. For me, as for countless Indians, this is an extremely sentimental time. He wrote in hindi on X, "The magnificent ram Navami in ayodhya is historic." "May this surya Tilak infuse vitality into our lives and motivate our country to achieve unprecedented feats of grandeur," PM Modi said. 

A ray of sunshine was anointed on the forehead of ram Lalla's idol at the ram temple in ayodhya, marking a historic occasion. The custom is referred to as "Surya Tilak." In the ram temple in ayodhya, an intricate system of mirrors and lenses was used to perform ram Lalla's "Surya Tilak" at midday. In his earlier speech at the event, prime minister Modi mentioned that, 500 years after his birth, Lord Rama was still seated in the ayodhya temple.

"Ram Navami is a historical celebration that also occurs today. 'Surya Tilak' will be applied to Lord ram in the ram temple in the holy city of ayodhya to commemorate his birth anniversary. After 500 years of waiting, Lord ram is now sitting in his beautiful temple, he said, according to ANI. At the rally, he chanted "Jai Siyawar Ram." "Although we are unable to attend the festivities in ayodhya, let us still take part in the occasion by turning on our cell phones and praying to Lord ram," he continued. A group of scientists was employed by the ram temple foundation to build the mechanism that made sure Lord Ram's forehead was illuminated by a beam of light. The 'Surya Tilak' ceremony lasted for around thirty seconds.

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