Shocking Secrets Revealed by Prashant Kishor?

People of telugu states are familiar with political strategist prashant Kishore. people of ap especially know him very well. He worked as a strategist for the victory of ycp in the last elections through his IPAC organization. In that election, ycp made appropriate strategies to achieve a bumper majority. With this, jagan became CM.

But for some time he has been away from the IPAC organization. Jan Suraj is busy in bihar politics with his party. But he worked as a strategist for many politicians in many states. He started his political career by working with PM Modi before the 2014 elections and worked with leaders like Stalin, mamata banerjee, YS jagan, Nitish Kumar, kejriwal and Captain amarinder singh and made them cm with his strategies.

In short, he saw the famous politicians very closely. But recently PK participated in an interview. On this occasion he was data-faced with a strange question. Name the political leader who influenced you the most. He gave a very interesting answer to that.

My father said something when I was a child. No matter who you meet.. when you work with anyone, the world sees their flaws. They said that you should look at the strengths. He replied brazenly that I am following the same. Actually prashant Kishore's answer is applicable to everyone in real life. When we judge someone we only see their faults. Forget about strengths. That's why those who recognize their strengths and create strategies will be the winners. This is the secret told by prashant Kishore.

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