Telangana - National highway turns paddy drying platform in Karimnagar

In certain areas of the karimnagar district, the national Route 563, which is currently under construction, is being used as a platform for drying rice. Even while it is customary to dry rice on internal and local roadways, farmers are now compelled to rely on national highways due to a lack of drying grounds and platforms.

Some sections of the Jagtial-Warangal National Highway are undergoing construction of culverts and earthen roadways. In Thadikal, Ambalpur, Keshapatnam, Molangur crossroads, Gollapalli, and Kothagattu, earthen road construction is now underway.
These roadways are being used by farmers from Kothagattu and Gollapalli to dry their produce since they are more roomy and pleasant for them.
To dry the paddy, farmers would often occupy one side of internal and local highways.
Because national highways have far more room than local roads, farmers spread their paddy there first, covering it with tarpaulins, and then cover it again.

A farmer from Kothagattu, Rajaiah, told india Herald that since the government had not set up any drying platforms, they had no other choice than to dry the produced grain. Rajaiah said that the National Highway Authority was also collaborating when questioned about their complaints. Furthermore, they were utilising areas where the national highway project was not underway.
Before the harvest season begins, farmers also reserve roadways by laying empty fertiliser bags on the roads. at the district as a whole, but particularly at Huzurabad, Veenavanka, Manakondur, Jammikunta, and other places, one might see sights like these.

In the karimnagar district, 2.66 lakh acres of paddy are sown during the Yasangi season, with an anticipated yield of 5.6 lakh metric tonnes of paddy. In the past, farmers would hire laborers to harvest the crop and move it to the market only when it had dried entirely on the field.
Since harvester machines are used to harvest the crop and the area is unsuitable for drying after using harvester machines, drying the crop has become a major issue these days.

Since most of them don't have enough room in their homes, farmers are compelled to hunt for other choices since the officials at paddy purchasing centers are requesting them to bring the grain only after it has dried.
Road safety advocates, however, have voiced worry, pointing out that drivers run motorcycles through the paddy that has been strewn across the roadway, which can result in accidents.

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