GOAT First Single - Worst Lyrics and Dreadful Composition

Cinephiles have been talking about Thalapathy Vijay's highly awaited film, "The Greatest of All Time" (The GOAT). The fact that it is Vijay's second-to-last movie before he officially enters politics is another factor fueling the anticipation. The producers released the first single tune from the movie, "Whistle Podu," on sunday in honour of tamil New Year, increasing the anticipation.
Although Vijay has a history of producing successful lead singles—notable examples include Mersal's Aalaporaan Thamizhan, Master's "Kutty Story," Leo's "Naa Ready," and whistle Podu's—his initial singles weren't as well-received. The song is mediocre, and the beats are straightforward. Vijay sings in his typical style. Oddly, such a crappy song got accepted for a major motion picture. In today's music landscape, when artists like Anirudh offer thundering music with unique sounds and technology, Yuvan shankar Raja's music lacks the intensity and freshness consumers want. Fans are already missing Anirudh and are unhappy.

Though no official confirmation has been given, "The GOAT" is rumoured to feature a time-travel narrative starring Vijay in a dual character, evoking analogies to the hollywood thriller "Looper." The film features a star-studded ensemble that includes Meenakshi Chaudhary, Prabhudeva, Prashanth, Sneha, and others, with filming almost 80% finished in Russia. "The GOAT" is expected to be released in tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. Excitement is growing for this film.


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