Bohag Bihu : Assamese New Year!!!

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Bohag bihu : Assamese New Year!!!

The traditional cultural festival of Bohag bihu, sometimes called Rongali bihu or Xaat bihu, is celebrated in the northeastern indian state of assam as well as several other areas. It is a holiday observed by Assamese ethnic minorities and marks the start of the Assamese New Year. bihu is a triennial celebration, with Bohag bihu, which usually takes place in the second week of april each year, signaling the beginning of the seeding season. october and january are the dates for the celebration of Kati bihu and Magh bihu, the other two bihu celebrations. Assamese for "Rong" means joy, and Rongali bihu epitomizes this joyful atmosphere as the Assamese community fervently and enthusiastically celebrates each day of the festival. 

When is 2024 Bohag Bihu?

Bohag bihu will be commemorated this year on Sunday, april 14 with great fanfare and fervor. The celebration lasts for seven days, with special rites, traditions, and meanings associated with each day.

All about Bohag Bihu's seven days

Cattle are honored with a unique ritual on the first day of Garu Bihu. The cattle are led to the rivers by people, where they are bathed, garlanded, and have their hooves and horns painted. With this, we offer up sincere prayers for their health and well. The second day, Manuh bihu, begins with the custom of applying turmeric paste and having a cleansing bath in the early morning.

As the day wears on, houses fill with the aroma of classic Assamese treats like Pitha, Ghila Pitha, Til Laru, Murir Laru, and Poka Mithoi, which are exchanged as tokens of friendship among family and friends. The third day, Guxai bihu, is devoted to honoring household deities and requesting their blessings for harmony and prosperity. The significance of handlooms and craftsmanship is highlighted on Taator bihu, the fourth day, which represents the rich cultural legacy ingrained in Assamese society.

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