Samantha Cheated Naga Chaitanya - Here's the Truth!

When samantha Ruth Prabhu and naga chaitanya announced their split on social media, many people were devastated. Due to a few unbridgeable issues, the couple was forced to break up. samantha and naga have often sparked reports about their reconciliation, but it appears that they have moved on from one another. sam is concentrating on her health and the treatment of her autoimmune condition, myositis, while naga is rumored to be dating actress Sobhita Dhulipala.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu and naga chaitanya know they still have a lot of admirers. But, they are not interested in getting back together because they have each gone on with their lives. The actress from Citadel: Honey bunny reportedly stated in a BollywoodLife article that she does not wish to maintain any ties to her past. Following their divorce, samantha and naga were together under one roof for the amazon Prime event at the same time. Speaking on the same subject, the insider revealed that despite several rumors suggesting the ex-couple would cross paths, they never really met.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu just shared a video of her most recent podcast on Instagram, in which she discussed her daily ritual. The diva said that she practices tapping, pranayama, and meditation for her overall health. One of Samantha's fans asked her a somewhat pointless question in the post's comment area, asking her why she had an affair with her now ex-husband, naga Chaitanya. In the comment, the fan said, "Btw, tell me why you cheated on your innocent husband."

While samantha was not prepared for such a question about her personal life, she chose to answer it gracefully. She came back with an epic reply and told her follower that the practices that she mentioned might not help him. However, she wished him well and penned: "@vishalkadam166 sorry these practises might not help might need something stronger :) Wish you well."


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