Tillu Vs Family Star - Nail Biting Suspense at BO

Tillu Square, a huge success by siddhu Jonnalagadda, marked the official start of the summer. The film's incredible 25 crores globally on its first day of release alone is nothing short of extraordinary, igniting the box office. Tillu Square is expected to overtake dj Tillu's global market share in only two days, as the second-day collections are also hitting incredible numbers. Anticipation is high for another eagerly awaited release next week: Family Star, which has vijay deverakonda in the title role.

For everyone involved, including producer Dil Raju, director Parasuram, and charismatic star Vijay Deverakonda, this movie is extremely important. As Tillu Square keeps on its incredible run, the following three eventualities might happen in the coming week:

1. Family Star Makes a Great Opening:
If Family Star makes a good impression and draws sizable crowds, Tillu Square may have fierce competition when attention turns to the new film.
2. Hits Coexisting:
Alternatively, there's a chance that both films can do well at the same time this summer. Both Tillu Square and Family Star have a chance to become huge hits if they continue to gain traction.
3. Tillu Square Takes the Lead:
If Family Star doesn't live up to the hype, Tillu Square may make a move to take the lead and become the clear favourite at the box office, making this a one-horse race.

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