Comedy Franchises - Tollywood's New Record?

Recently, telugu films have been dominating the indian film industry, especially in terms of sequels. However, tollywood has begun to foster another feasible trend, which has to do with comedy franchises, in addition to the typical big-event action blockbusters. Take the dj Tillu franchise, for example. Following the previous installment's phenomenal success, the second installment had a successful box office debut. Tillu 3 has been revealed by the creators, and there will be more entries in this franchise in the future.
One more university comedy Mad is getting ready for the sequel. Mad Max, the follow-up, will be released in theatres in April. More trips may follow if the sequel is successful. Next comes Jathi Ratnalu 2, which has been making headlines lately. The second installment will undoubtedly occur, according to the producers, although there is no set date for when it may. A planned plan also exists for Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya's sequel. In the event that this also occurs, it may be a new comedy-drama franchise in Tollywood.

In other sectors, comedic franchises may be seen sometimes, although both the number of appearances and the franchises themselves are rather small. However, in the case of tollywood, franchises like Tillu and Mad are currently in development, and Agent and Jathi Ratnalu will undoubtedly occur in the future. Of all the indian film industries, tollywood seems to be producing the most franchise films right now. Along with the previously stated comedic dramas, the list also features huge event multiple-part films such as Pushpa, Salaar, Devara, and others. This ought to be documented in some way.

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