Vijay D Confirms Love Marriage?

In any case, vijay deverakonda is eagerly awaiting the release of his next movie, Family Star, which is scheduled to make its theatrical debut on april 5th. The movie is described as an action-packed summer entertainer. In any case, Vijay is actively promoting Family Star in advance of its premiere, and he was questioned about his marital status and relationship status. 

With a twist, Vijay boldly declared that he is in a relationship. "Yes, I do have a partner. However, I'm in a connection with my mother, father, and brother," Vijay deftly avoided the subject. Regarding his marital status, Vijay D declared, "I intend to enter into a marriage based on love." With the support of my family, I wish to wed the lady I truly love. However, I believe there is still time to be spent before I get married. 

I'm currently concentrating on my career. Vijay has provided enigmatic responses to the two most often asked questions about him on social media. Regarding Family Star, the movie is scheduled to open on april 5th. parasuram is the director of the movie. watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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