Tillu Square Plummets on Monday

Tillu Square, starring siddhu Jonnalagadda, appears to have failed the initial monday test, which is quite important. On Sunday, the movie reached double digits, but on the fourth day of its release, it abruptly fell by more than 50%. As per early estimates, Tillu Square earned Rs 5.5 cr on monday, raising the film's total domestic earnings to Rs 38.05 cr nett, according to trade website Sacnilk. On monday, the film's occupancy rate was 38.99 percent overall.
Strong word-of-mouth helped the telugu movie, which features siddhu and anupama parameswaran in the key roles, open to a favourable reception. The movie made Rs 11 crore at the box office on its third day of release. While it looked that it would soon cross Rs 50 crore milestone, the dramatic reduction in footfalls on monday looks to have slowed its development.
After the movie's impressive premiere, there were hints of a third franchise entry. The film’s producer Naga vamsi claimed that they would make an official announcement shortly. "We will be making Tillu 3 right now, it isn't announced at the end of Tillu Square," he stated in a media interview. We'll include the formal monday announcement.

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