There was a time when Nehru said 'India second, China first'

On Tuesday, External Affairs minister S jaishankar took aim at jawaharlal nehru and asserted that previous errors were to blame for issues like China's occupancy of some areas of indian territory and Pakistan's occupation of kashmir (POK). He mentioned the time that India's first prime minister, Nehru, remarked, "China first, india second," in reference to the country's position when it was awarded a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

Jaishankar was responding to a question at the gujarat Chamber of Commerce and industry here on whether india should accept the POK and indian territory that china has taken over or fight to reclaim them. Notably, bjp officials have been criticising previous congress administrations led by Nehru and indira gandhi for giving over the island of Katchatheevu to sri lanka in recent days.
"Sardar patel, the then-home minister, had forewarned Nehru about china in 1950. patel had informed Nehru that india was now dealing with a crisis on two fronts (China and Pakistan) that it had never seen before. In addition, patel informed Nehru that "we should take precautions because their intentions seem different and I do not believe what the Chinese are saying."
"You are unduly suspicious of the Chinese," Nehru said to Patel. Nehru said that no one could possibly assault us from the Himalayas. "Everyone knows what happened subsequently, jaishankar said, adding that Nehru was totally dismissive (about the Chinese threat)."

Furthermore, Nehru maintained that although we should be granted a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, china should be granted the seat before us. Although Nehru once stated, "China first, india second," we currently adhere to the india first policy, he remarked.
Jaishankar went on to say that patel opposed pushing the kashmir dispute to the UN because he was aware of a judge's "mentality" there.

Would you go to the judge to seek justice from him if you knew he was biassed? But that's exactly what occurred; as soon as the matter was brought to the UN, there was intense pressure to halt the military drill (in an attempt to retake POK)," he stated, adding, "We have found ourselves in these predicaments because of past blunders."

Some people suggest that we rewrite our limits when we discuss them in today's world. We should never question that our limits remain our bounds, the External Affairs minister stated.
He stated that the Union administration has attempted to address a number of historical concerns over the past 10 years, and although some of these issues have been successfully resolved, others will require more time.
"We have a parliament resolution (about POK) in the case of kashmir, and everybody has to respect it," jaishankar stated. He also noted that although it was critical to consider the mistakes of the past, it was also critical to find answers to our current position.

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