Telangana Ranks 2nd in Telecom Connectivity says CS

On Tuesday, april 2, a state-level broadband committee meeting was held at the secretariat to discuss the development and growth of new telecommunications infrastructure in the state. Shanthi Kumari, the chief secretary, presided over the meeting. "With a density of 108.19 percent, telangana ranks second in the country," the chief secretary declared, praising the state's advancements in telecommunication.

With 97.4% of its villages having mobile access, telangana is ahead of other states in a number of telecom metrics, including tower density and mobile connectivity. There are 4.14 crore mobile connections compared to 3.5 crore people living in the country. With 1448 new towers built in the current fiscal year, the number of telecom towers has increased dramatically, she said.

In order to effectively coordinate the resolution of the problems encountered by the telecom service providers and the department of telecom, Kumari instructed the representatives of the Municipal, panchayat Raj, Electricity, and Forest departments to appoint a nodal person in their respective departments.
The use of the assigned App by all departments to exchange information about digging was also covered in the conference.

The meeting was attended by Special Chief Secretary ITE&C Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary R&B srinivas Raju, Principal Secretary PR&RD Sandeeep Kumar Sultania, Special Secretary MA&UD Sonibala Devi, director DOT suresh Reddy, JMD Transco sandeep Kumar Jha, Special Secretary Investment Promotion vishnu Varadhan Reddy, and other officials.

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