Tsunami warnings issued in Japan and the Philippines...

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Tsunami warnings issued in japan and the Philippines...

On Wednesday, april 3, just before 8 a.m. local time, a powerful earthquake struck Taiwan's east, sending tsunami warnings for the self-governing island and certain areas of southern Japan. Following the taiwan earthquake, the philippines likewise issued a tsunami warning and issued orders for the evacuation of coastal districts. The earthquake's epicentre was located 34.8 kilometers deep, 18 kilometers south of Hualien City, taiwan, according to the united states Geological survey (USGS), however, the japan Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude of 7.7.

According to the director of Taipei's Seismology Center, the earthquake that struck the east of the country was "the strongest in 25 years." "The earthquake is shallow and occurs near land. It is the strongest in 25 years since the 1999 earthquake, which killed 2,400 people, Wu Chien-fu told reporters. "It's felt all over taiwan and offshore islands... it's the strongest in 25 years since the (1999) earthquake." In the sparsely inhabited Hualien, a five-story building seemed severely damaged, with the first floor collapsing and the remaining stories tilting at a 45-degree angle. Tiles from older buildings and some of the newer office complexes in Taipei, the capital, collapsed.

Taiwan earthquake: Current report

Taiwan's capital, Taipei, was rocked by an earthquake offshore, which caused power outages in a few areas of the city.

Media outlets stated that some individuals were trapped after taiwan television stations aired footage of some crumbling structures in Hualien, close to the epicentre of the earthquake.

Shanghai was affected by the earthquake, a Reuters witness reported.

According to the taiwan Central Weather Administration, the epicentre was located in waters off the eastern shoreline of taiwan Island, directly off the coast of the eastern county of Hualien.

There were instant reports of tsunami waves up to three meters high for isolated Japanese islands in the area, including Miyakojima island. A banner on NHK, the official broadcaster of japan, read, "Evacuate!"

"A tsunami is on its way. Please go right away, an NHK anchor pleaded. Keep going. Don't turn around.

According to news agency AFP, live tv footage from the ports of the Okinawa region, including Naha, showed ships leaving for sea, presumably in an attempt to protect their ships.

The 23 million-person island saw the suspension of train and subway services in Taipei. However, everything in the capital soon reverted to normal, with kids heading back to school and the morning traffic seeming to go as usual.

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