Telangana - Congress gives Warangal LS ticket to Kavya Srihari

Kavya Srihari, the daughter of Ghanpur Station mla and former deputy chief minister of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), Kadiam Srihari, was nominated by the congress on monday to the warangal lok sabha constituency. A day earlier, the father-daughter team had left the BRS and joined the congress, following rumours that srihari was not pleased with the BRS leadership. The BRS has experienced a wave of defections in recent weeks, so their departure comes as a major shock.
In actuality, BRS leader and former chief minister of telangana, K chandrasekhar Rao, declared Kavya as the BRS candidate on march 13. Kadiam srihari declared he was quitting the BRS a few hours after Kavya withdrew from consideration as the BRS candidate, and on march 31 the two of them joined the Congress.

A few BRS members of parliament have moved to either the congress or the bharatiya janata party, while srihari and another mla, Danam Nagender, have joined the traditional party. telangana holds 17 seats in the lok sabha overall. The BRS secured nine seats in the general elections of 2019, whereas the congress and bjp secured three and four seats, respectively.

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