Media Personnel Caught Stealing on Air Force One.!

Sindujaa D N
The united states holds the title of the world's largest and most influential power, with its President considered the most powerful leader globally. The residence of the US President, known as the white house, is a symbol of power and prestige, equipped with various special features and security arrangements, including bunkers capable of withstanding nuclear attacks.

Similarly, the plane used by the President, known as 'Air Force One,' is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and defence systems capable of withstanding missile and fighter jet attacks. However, recent incidents of theft aboard air Force One have caused concern among American authorities.

Surveillance efforts by security officers revealed that the perpetrators behind the thefts were none other than media representatives accompanying the President on domestic and foreign trips. While travelling on air Force One, these media personnel have been pilfering items such as whiskey, wine glasses, and gold-plated porcelain plates, seemingly as souvenirs to prove their presence on the President's plane.

The revelation of these thefts was made public by the renowned magazine 'Politico,' prompting the president of the white house Correspondents' Association to reprimand the media representatives involved. They were reminded to uphold ethical standards and integrity, emphasizing that claiming to have travelled with the President should be substantiated with photographs rather than stolen items.

One incident even saw a media representative returning a stolen pillowcase, perhaps realizing the severity of their actions and the potential consequences. Such incidents not only tarnish the reputation of the media but also raise questions about security protocols aboard air Force One.

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