Real Problem with 'Premalu' in Telugu

Three successive hits, "Premalu," "Bramayugam," and "Manjummel Boys," have brought the malayalam film industry to the notice of indian cinemagoers. But "Bramayugam," which starred Mammootty, performed worse in telugu than it did in Malayalam. The Hyderabad-based love story Premalu, which became popular among young people in kerala, is currently being adapted into Telugu.

As seen by "Hostel Huduguru Bekiddare," a kannada hit that failed to connect with telugu audiences despite excellent dubbing and memorable dialogue in telugu as Hostel Boys, the dubbed version may not accurately convey the spirit of the original, even though it was a huge hit in Malayalam. The story of kerala migrants in Hyderabad, "Premalu," greatly depends on its cultural background, which might be lost in translation.
 The central topic of the film is the protagonists' adjustment to telugu and local culture; if the characters are speaking telugu already, this theme can be lost in the dubbed version. As a result, even if telugu viewers on OTT like "Premalu" in its original malayalam version, the telugu dubbing may lessen the film's impact and possibly obscure its plot and cultural subtleties. If the youth connect with the topic and writing, Premalu might be a major surprise at the box office.

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