Religious politics in Indian cricket..!? Openly happening..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Religious politics in indian cricket..!? Openly happening..!?
There was a time when indian cricketers would not comment on any issue. bcci has been instructed in the contract not to give any interview or opinion on any matter, especially political and religious matters. But there is an allegation that the cricketers are using some of the things happening in the country to their advantage. It has also been alleged that some players and fans are trying to divide the players based on religion. I don't know if some cricketers are doing this because if a party wants something in the country if we talk about it, we will get a place in the team.
For example, KS Bharat was struggling to get a place as a wicketkeeper in the indian Test team. At this stage, he scored a century in a four-day Test match against england Lions. Then KS Bharat performed some religious activities. At that time, some fans put pressure on KS Bharat through social media to give him a place in the indian team. Then some criticized that KS Bharat was doing this on purpose. Similarly, dhruv Jurel played superbly in the fourth Test to help the indian team to victory.
 In this situation, the journalist has given some religious opinion to a journalist. Although there was nothing wrong with this, there was an allegation that dhruv Jural was involved in activities leading to religious politics. After the mega-winning RCB's last IPL match ended, a player named yash Dayal in the gujarat team posted a post on social media mocking a certain religion. It caused a lot of controversy. Taking this and the gujarat team management giving him a stern warning, he publicly apologized.
Similarly, some of the fans made many controversial comments about what happened during the debut match of the cricketer Sarfaraz Khan. In support of this, former cricketer Sehwag also openly criticized sarfaraz khan and posted a tweet. It is seen as bringing religious politics into cricket. As a result, cricket enthusiasts have urged the bcci to issue a warning that none of the ex-players and players under contract should try to divide based on religion. They have also urged bcci to take up a similar ad where players like sachin tendulkar once starred in commercials promoting religious harmony.

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