Telangana Hyderabad - Motorists grumble over Rumble Strips

Once more, drivers are calling for eliminating rumble strips from city-built flyovers and roadways. They are protesting the rumble strips and calling on the government to take them down. social media users are complaining that these strips—meant to make cars slow down and avoid collisions—now give them elbow and back discomfort.
Rumble strips on Hyderabadi highways and flyovers have to be removed, according to a recent demand made by an account named "Team Road Squad" on X. For the last 13 days, the professionals who are advocating for road safety across the nation have been sending daily reminders to the government, civic organizations, and police. The group posts pictures and videos of two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and other vehicles breaking down because of these strips every day.

Rumble strips are a type of speed-calming measure that is utilized globally, including in many industrialized nations, according to Harsha, an expert and member of Team Road Squad. Nevertheless, there has been criticism of these measures from the general public, the elderly, and motor enthusiasts worldwide. "These strips, if laid unscientific, can cause heavy damage to human health, including the spine, elbow pain, and the health of the vehicles, especially in developing countries like india where we have small wheeled vehicles like autorickshaws, bikes, and scooters," he continued. We have been advocating for the removal of these strips for the past few months; some were taken out by the authorities, but most were left on the city streets.

"GHMC decided to remove rumble strips on May 27, 2023, by awarding a contract to an agency, in response to our ongoing posts and other awareness; yet, the quantity of strips is growing. We've received lakhs of views, thousands of reposts, and seven hundred participants from throughout the city in our social media polls. Eighty-nine percent of respondents claimed they were suffering and voted against it, according to Harsha. indian Road congress regulations stipulate that each strip must be 20–30 mm thick and 200–300 mm broad, with a set of no more than six strips; nevertheless, the authorities have not complied with these requirements.

Numerous individuals, including elderly residents, post-operative patients, ambulances, pregnant women, and heart patients, have suffered serious injuries as a result of the thick rumble strips that are all around the city. "The city's strips are not all the same. For example, the different thicknesses of the strips on jubilee hills Road number 45 to Cable Bridge are confusing. This might cause novice drivers to lose control of some strips. Additionally, there is a sharp loss of control due to a significant impact on automobile wheel data-alignment, Harsha continued.

According to him, "normal speed drivers with small wheels are baring the pain, while overspeeding drivers with big tyre SUVs do not feel the impact." Flyover strips are putting vulnerable road users at great risk in areas like Kothaguda, where it is perilous to slow down to 20 kmph. "Tragically, Outer Ring Road (ORR) has these strips now, which are not recommended on such high-speed roads where speed is 120 kmph and tire bursts are possible," the expert added.

Activist Asif Hussain Sohail said that traffic police had already submitted letters to the ghmc requesting the removal of the rumble strips, noting the suffering of drivers, but the civic body had not complied with K T Rama Rao's earlier orders.



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