Operation Valentine Movie Review - Telugu Cinema Moves to Next Level

Varun Tej's character arjun Dev is a wing commander. Manushi Chhillar plays Aahna Gill, an aviation officer. There is a horrible disaster in Gwalior. arjun prepares for a stressful test mission with yash Sharma (Mir Sarwar). However, a significant terror strike targets an indian Army convoy in Srinagar. The police in pakistan lock Arjun. How does his covert mission get outed, and what are the repercussions of that? What conditions did pakistan set for arjun Dev's release? How did he escape without injury? 

There's enough to say about the battling spirit, particularly when it's united with the desh bhakti energy. And keep in mind, not a single tri-color picture. Nope, they'd rather try other hues this time. Nevertheless, I had a wave of indian patriotism that was absent from my viewing of siddharth Anand's fighter a few weeks prior.

From the first pictures of Operation Valentine, which demonstrate that, well, less is more, good feelings are evident. shakti Pratap Singh, directing for the first time, has complete control over his story. hero worship and extreme jingoism are not appropriate in this situation. Give thanks to god for small mercies!
You may be sure that this interesting movie is not meant to promote its star. Naturally, varun Tej receives a lavish introduction; after all, what would a telugu movie be without a hero's entrance? But after that, he is by himself. He is determined to impart a lesson that the raiders of the lost arc will never easily forget, and he will not be placated or coddled by the script.

Remarkably, given that the film revolves around the Pulwama assaults, Pakistanis are not overly vilified. They appear to be carrying out their duties as usual, just like their counterparts over the data-border. I even saw a terrorist guarding a little child during the Pulwama bombing. Additionally, I believe I heard a Pakistani use the word "Janaab" exactly once during the whole movie. Not that the movie's accomplishments are limited to gaudy awards.

The combination of reality and fiction contains a high degree of accuracy. It's possible that the aerial antics depicted in this movie aren't true to life. However, compared to its january Bollywood cousin, this wannabe Top Gun is unquestionably considerably more meticulous.

Speaking about hari K. Vedantam's exquisite camerawork, it conveys a closeness between the characters when necessary in addition to absorbing an epic dimension when called upon. The background music by Mickey J. Meyer, which is constantly alert and instructive and punctuates the action well, is the other film's hero. A few words on Mr. varun and Ms. Chillar's chemistry. Even when they are at odds with one another, they appear more in love.
Overall, This Operation is a Successful One!
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐✰


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