Is this necessary now..!? Jadeja's wife in anger!!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Is this necessary now..!? Jadeja's wife in anger!!?
A video of Rivaba Jadeja angry over the allegations raised by ravindra Jadeja's father Anirudh Singh Jadeja is trending among fans. Jadeja's father Anirudh Singh Jadeja leveled various allegations against Rivaba Jadeja, wife of star all-rounder ravindra Jadeja. It was revealed that within 3 months of her marriage with ravindra jadeja, Rivaba asked him to transfer all the properties to her name. Similarly, ravindra jadeja has completely gone under the control of Jadeja's wife and Jadeja's father is separate from the same town. Apart from that, the Rivaba family after the marriage, all the financial accounts of Jadeja were taken care of.
Within a few months of the marriage, he criticized Rivaba for separating from their family. Ignore his Father's interview featuring ravindra jadeja of the indian team was released just hours after Anirudh Singh Jadeja's interview. Everything in the interview given by his father is false. It was an attempt to undermine his wife's reputation.
He also has a lot to say. But he doesn't want to say it in public. He said that the interview was reprehensible. Jadeja's family affair left fans shocked. Jadeja's father worked as a watchman and turned Jadeja into a cricketer. Meanwhile, Jadeja's wife Rivaba Jadeja met the media after attending one of her party functions.
At that time, a question was raised by reporters about the comments of Anirudh Singh Jadeja, father-in-law of Rivaba. This angered Rivaba and asked why are they there. If they want to know about this matter, they can directly contact her and ask,” she said furiously. This video is trending on social media.

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