Joker Pawan Kalyan Compares Atharintiki Daredi With Rajadhaniki Daaredi

Pawan Kalyan, chairman of the Jana Sena Party, asked the public to vote for the JSP-TDP coalition for a happy future for the state. He highlighted that JSP is not a B team and that they are working with tdp for the State's bright future. In this regard, pawan kalyan raised worry over the state's lack of capital despite its inception a decade ago.
"We are still in the dark concerning the state's lack of capital. We must inquire about andhra pradesh Rajadhani ki Daredi, just like we did about Atharintiki Daredi. "At least in the film, the story can be told in three hours, but we still don't have a capital city after ten years," pawan kalyan stated.
Pawan asked people to support the coalition for a strong administration, emphasizing the importance of stability, progress, and honesty. He centered his address on the TDP-JSP alliance and the State's future, expressing fear that the future may be jeopardized if the YSRCP gains power.
Pawan said that YSRC leaders did nothing for the development of uttarandhra and claimed responsibility for bringing attention to concerns such as the Uddanam kidney disease. Pawan Kalyan's goal was to connect with the people of uttarandhra by promoting the region's rich culture and tradition, as well as noting his start in cinema acting in Visakhapatnam.

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