Dhootha Review - A Welcome Addition to the Supernatural Horror Genre

Naga chaitanya plays Sagar, an investigative journalist who has recently launched his own daily, Samachar. The media professes to be accurate and just, but the reality is quite the contrary. Sagar has been selling "plots" in his newspaper, which the creators cleverly relate to real estate. On the first night of his media company, Sagar comes upon a piece of newspaper at a neighboring Dhaba that contains the exact facts of his pet dog's death. Although this frightens Sagar, he doesn't give it any thought. However, he discovers more pieces of paper with identical information, all of which prove to be correct. The events that follow drive Sagar to resort to criminal behavior, putting the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kranthi, played by Parvathy Thiruvothu, on his track. The investigative journalist quickly starts on a trip to solve the mystery behind the scraps of paper, and even enlists the assistance of Kranthi, offering to submit and confess his misdeeds once everything is completed. His activities are also inspired by the knowledge that what he discovers might literally save the lives of his loved ones.

Dhootha is clearly a one-of-a-kind take on the supernatural horror genre. vikram K Kumar, the filmmaker, has set up and communicated his idea of Dhootha's universe. Rain is a significant character in both the series and the environment that the director has built.  The stunning cinematography, which is well-complimented by the color grading by editor naveen Nooli, is a crucial component that draws one's attention. In fact, the cinematography improves as the series proceeds.  Furthermore, the tale that the creators seek to portray has a significant societal importance. The media serves as the "dhootha," delivering the message to the audience.

The length of the series is the biggest flaw with Dhootha. The series consists of eight episodes, each lasting around 40 minutes. However, at times during the series, it appeared like the scenes were extended out only to hit the 40-minute mark.  Throughout the series, vikram K Kumar appears to have attempted Hitchcock's Bomb Theory multiple times. While it works on occasion, most of the time the scenario feels stretched beyond what is truly required.
Another big fault was a drop in the level of conversation and performance, which appeared at times as if the performers were in a theatre play. The creators have also stated the obvious in several instances, which might be distracting when viewing the series. Several sequences clearly show that certain horror cliches have been followed. Although it behaves like an itch, it is just momentary and adds nothing to the series as a whole.
The performances of Parvathy Thiruvothu, Prachi Desai, and priya bhavani shankar steal the show. Dhootha showed a side of naga chaitanya that had never been seen before, and it was thrilling to see as an audience. However, there are also instances where it appears like his acting is more suited for the stage, a critique that also applies to Pasupathy's performance in the series. Pasupathy, who plays a big part in the series, does an excellent job. Despite a few small glitches, the performances in Dhootha, along with a compelling tale, are the film's driving force.
Overall, naga Chaitanya's debut in the short format is pretty impressive and well worth seeing.

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