Chain snatching in broad daylight on busy road in Bengaluru

A chain snatching incident occurred in the KR Puram neighbourhood of Bengaluru, when two suspects ran after stealing a woman's chain in broad daylight. CCTV footage of the robbery has now gone viral.
While chasing a woman, the perpetrators seized her chain and fled on a scooter with his accomplice. The accused (in a blue t-shirt) can be seen pursuing the lady for a few yards before snapping his fingers towards her neck in images obtained by india Today TV. As the accused reportedly snatched the chain and fled the scene, the victim collapsed on the road. The accused can also be seen in the video waiting for his companion to approach him and the woman so he can prepare to flee the crime scene.
Bengaluru police have lodged a case and a detailed probe into the matter is underway, as per officials at KR Puram police station. Chain snatchers had a field day in the city and Bengaluru, stealing 11 gold chains in the course of 48 hours. Two suspects, believed to be from Delhi, went on a chain-snatching spree, first in Bengaluru and then in hyderabad before fleeing. Rachakonda police commissioner DS Chauhan stated on saturday that a search was underway to apprehend the couple, but he declined to clarify whether the perpetrators had been apprehended or not.

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