The Vaccine War Review - A Gripping Medical Thriller

Lockdown scenes open the movie. The entire road is silent during this period, but the police officers continue to do their jobs and are visible watching to make sure that no one is leaving their homes. The plot then begins on january 1, 2020, during the national New Year's celebration, when ICMR Chief Balram Bhargava learns of a virus whose patient has been discovered in Wuhan, China. The nation's struggle against an epidemic like Corona then starts from this point. The story of the lockdown, the creation of the vaccine, and the fabrications that circulated on social media have all been covered in the twelve chapters that make up the full movie. The challenges that the scientists experienced at this period were revealed. You will surely feel proud of them when you observe the zeal with which they work.
In addition, it is revealed in the movie that at the period when the public was battling COVID and individuals were dying in their houses and fighting to get food, water, and even treatment, some people were posting several pages on social media. They were attempting to discredit the country and the administration by making posts. They said that india couldn't accomplish it. However, Nana Patekar's portrayal of ICMR Chief Balram Bhargava in this movie demonstrated via his "India can do it" discourse that the indian people can unquestionably achieve their goals. It was wonderful to see Nana on the big screen in such a significant role.
In this movie, Nana plays an extremely obnoxious professor who never shows love to anyone around him or even acknowledges their accomplishments. You'll giggle when you hear some of Nana Patekar's similar remarks in the middle of the movie. The National Institute of Virology's (NIV) director, virologist priya Abraham, played by Pallavi Joshi, is shown in the movie as having a strong personality.
She says a line in the movie that is quite powerful: "If we didn't light a rocket's tail on fire and launch it into the sky, you wouldn't know what we had done." And everything she says is entirely true. You will never be able to understand how a woman manages the home, family, utensils, clothes, and cooking while still working day and night to combat the corona for the nation and create the vaccine if you don't see this movie. In this movie, raima sen also portrayed a very strong journalist character. You will also witness anupam kher playing the character of the nation's minister, who is seen making a number of crucial choices throughout the reign of Covid. You'll also enjoy Anupam Kher's performance in this movie.
There are many more subjects that were covered in this movie's 12 segments, but you have to see it to find out what they are. This movie will not only keep you entertained, but it will also educate and motivate you.

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