Indian Johnny Walker: The Legend!!

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Indian johnny Walker: The Legend!!

The star of hindi cinema who made a different identity in hindi cinema on the basis of his comedy and acting. An artist whose comic timing always brings a smile to people's data-faces, the world knows this stalwart of comedy as johnny Walker. Johnnie Walker who brought a lot of smiles on the data-faces of the audience in the 60s and 70s. Whenever there is talk of best comedian in indian cinema, johnny Walker's name comes first in it. Today is the 96th birth anniversary of this famous comedian. So let us tell you some things related to him on this special occasion-

Johnny Walker was born on 11 november 1926 in indore, Madhya Pradesh. Perhaps very few people know his real name. johnny Walker's real name was Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi. Johnnie Walker's father used to work in a factory. Due to the poor condition of the house, johnny also started working from a young age. When that factory in indore closed, johnny Walker's entire family shifted to mumbai in search of work. Life in mumbai was not that easy. To fill the stomach and earn two paise for the family, johnny took up the job of a bus conductor. In those days, he used to get a salary of 26 rupees per month.

Johnny used to do his work in his own style, entertaining the bus passengers. During this, once Balraj Sahni's eyes fell on him. After this Balraj Sahni told director Guru Dutt about johnny Walker. At that time Guru Dutt is preparing for his film Baazi. Balraj Sahni advises johnny Walker to meet Guru Dutt. After this, he acted as Sharabi in front of Guru Dutt, which Guru Dutt liked very much and he cast johnny Walker in the film Baazi. The film starred actor dev anand and actress Geeta Bali in the lead roles. Here it opened the closed door of his fate and after that johnny Bowker never looked back.
Badruddin Jamaluddin Qazi was known as johnny Walker in films. The story behind his name change is quite interesting. It is said that johnny initially worked in many films under his real name. Film director and actor Guru Dutt named him Johnnie Walker after a popular whiskey brand because of his role as an alcoholic in most of the films.

Johnny Walker did about 300 films in his film journey, including 'Jal', 'Aandhiyan', 'Naya Daur', 'Taxi Driver', 'Mudhamati,' 'Kaagaz Ke Phool', 'Gateway of India,' 'Mr. Superhit films like 'Mere Mehboob,' 'SaiID' are included. johnny Walker got his first Filmfare Award not for comedy but for the role of a supporting actor in the film 'Madhumati'. After this, he was also awarded the Best comedian Award for the film 'Shikar'.

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