Ratan Tata's Tribute to the man who bought the Country's First Car!!

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Born on march 3, 1839 in Navsari, gujarat, Tata had bought the first car in the country. Jamsetji was the person who taught india to do business. Well, a lot is said about Jamsetji. read here how Tata Group was started-
However, at that time this trade of opium from china was legal. Jamsetji took this family out of the opium business and turned it into a big business empire. Later on, the status of the Tata family became so much that it could even give loans to the government.
In the early years of the 18th century, Jamsetji's father Nusserwanji Tata used to do his business there. Western countries were doing terrible beatings to build their empire all over the world. Opium used to be the best option to relieve the pain of soldiers injured in war.

Jamsetji came to mumbai at the age of 13 after completing his early studies in Navsari. Jamsetji Tata then initially joined his father's business and started his own company at the age of 29. According to media reports, Jamsetji got a failure in the initial business. Even in the business of opium, which was considered the most profitable business in that era.

After this Jamsetji took up 4 big projects. These included a steel company, a world class hotel, educational institute and a hydroelectric project. Jamsetji's idea behind them was to make india a self-reliant country. However, only one project could be completed in his life, Hotel Taj. Which was a world class hotel.
Later his dream was fulfilled by the succeeding generations of Tata. Due to these 4 projects, Tata Group's india business status became. His successes also gave india the dream of becoming industrially self-reliant for the first time.
Jamshedji Nusirwanji Tata was the first indian industrialist. He founded the Tata Group, India's largest mixed company. He was born on march 3, 1839 in Navsari, gujarat to a Parsi family. Jamshetji's father had a business establishment in Mumbai.

At the age of thirteen, he came to mumbai for education. He was educated at Elphinstone college from 1856-58. In 1858, Jamshetji graduated from Elphinstone as a Green Scholar. In 1859, Jamshetji joined his father's business. Around this time, he was sent to hong kong to look into the affairs of the hong kong branch of the Jamshetji de Ardeshir.

From there they went to Shanghai, where they opened another branch. In 1865, Jamshetji went to Manchester to study mechanics. He was in england for four years. On his return to Swadeshi, he bought a bankrupt oil mill in Chinchpokli area of mumbai and converted it into a textile mill.

He started his industrial career by naming it 'Alexandra Mill'. Jamshetji manages his textile mills, which include financing, machinery, maintenance and workers' welfare. Was maintained efficient.

If he wants to go to Hindustan along with other leading nations, then his industrial scope should be widened. Jamshetji's immense success was due to his pragmatic vision, ingenuity, entrepreneurship, punctuality, courage and a keen business acumen.
He was more interested in finding a new industrial zone than conventional ones. Jamshetji Tata was at the forefront of the country's hard work for the discovery and development of natural resources and for inspiring scientific research. He died on May 19, 1904.

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