How to use Papaya for glowing skin?


To get rid of pimples or acne scars use papaya, honey, and lemon data-face mask and it is the right one for you. Papaya, honey, and lemon all contain antibacterial properties that will kill off acne-causing bacteria from the skin. Papaya also has a deep-cleansing action that will push out the entire gunk from clogged pores.

For a soothing and refreshing feeling, use this papaya, cucumber, and banana data-face mask. Papaya is good for reducing pigmentation, cucumber will soothe sunburned and inflamed skin, and banana will hydrate and soften rough skin.

Papaya and egg white both help tighten pores and control sebum. egg whites’ work wonders for people with oily skin (though if you have dry skin, you're better off with an egg-yolk data-face mask).

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