When do women have a higher possibility of becoming pregnant?

S Venkateshwari
When do women have a higher possibility of becoming pregnant?

The majority of the female survey participants were unaware of this. Six percent of women think that having sex while on your period makes you more likely to become pregnant. Let us inform you that every woman who replied was between the ages of 15 and 49. While some of these ladies have more schooling than others, some are illiterate.

31% of women think that having intercourse right away after menstruation makes it more likely that they will become pregnant.

According to 20% of women, having sex between two cycles raises the likelihood of getting pregnant.

A quarter of the participants think that having sex whenever you want raises your chances of getting pregnant.

15% of women claimed to know nothing about this.

It is the duty of women to use contraception

The NFHS data is derived from over 700,000 women and over 100,000 men's responses. The majority of women (88.4%) who responded to the study stated that they and their husbands decide together whether or not to take contraceptive pills. About 8% of women claimed that they make the decision alone.  On the same question, men's responses differed significantly from women's. males shouldn't bother about contraception, according to three out of four males. women should be responsible for using it. In other words, men have traditionally refused to use contraceptive protection even though society has always expected women to use contraceptive measures to prevent unintended pregnancies.

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