Scientific benefits of wearing silver anklets!!!

S Venkateshwari
Scientific benefits of wearing silver anklets!!!

Wearing anklets is best for health as well as beauty. Anklets have ghungroos(small metallic bells) from which positive energy is generated by the sound emanating from them. It is believed that anklets also protect women as they attract divine powers towards them. Actually wearing anklets suppress some points of acupressure and this gives many benefits to health. Along with this, the quality of silver concerns both body and mind. So let us know what are the health benefits of wearing anklets. 

Apart from food, wearing silver anklets also keeps the immunity system strong. According to science, it proves helpful in increasing immunity. silver anklets keep the physical electrical energy emanating from the feet in the body. Due to this, the body becomes healthy and shapely. Bones remain strong by wearing silver anklets. When the anklets come in contact with the feet, the elements of this metal rub with the skin and enter inside the body, due to which the bones get silver-like strength. Often women get swelling in their feet due to doing household chores, in this case wearing anklets gives relief from swelling. Wearing silver anklets improves blood circulation.

Anti-bacterial properties are found in silver, wearing which keeps the body healthy. By wearing silver anklets on the feet, the temperature of the body remains balanced, so silver is worn in the lower part of the waist. This is the scientific reason. According to science, silver is highly reactive as compared to other metals which easily react with the energy of the earth, that is why most of the women wear silver anklets.

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