Heart-touching story of First Female Bouncer of India!!!

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Heart-touching story of First Female Bouncer of India!!!

'What can a woman do!' From 'What can't a woman do!' It is very difficult for a woman to decide the distance. Mehrunissa Shaukat ali not only set this distance but also became an example for women all over the world. She was born into a Muslim family in the small town of Saharanpur. 

Today Mehrunissa has made a strong identity as the country's first female bouncer. Today in the small-town girl series, know this heart-touching story of Mehrunissa in her own words-

The match took place at the age of 12

Mehrunissa says, 'I was born in a gurjar Muslim family in Saharanpur. A family where there is a lot of difference between boys and girls. But the opposition to studies was the same for both. From the very beginning, emphasis was placed on getting the boys to do outside work and on teaching the girl to do household chores. There was no effort for anyone to study. Dad himself had done love marriage and her mother came from a Hindu family. We are four sisters and three brothers. I am number three. After elementary school, both my elder and younger sisters were married off at a very young age. At the age of 10, my younger sister was engaged and at the age of 14, she also became the mother of a son. After that, the preparations for my marriage were going on. At the age of 12, I too got engaged. But when the time came for marriage, I got typhoid. Because of this, the marriage stopped.

Studies started again due to the mother's insistence

When I recovered after typhoid, my mother insisted that I resume my studies. During that time, Dad suffered a lot in his work. At that time I wanted to work to help the family. My dream was to join the army, but the situation became such that I felt it was necessary to do a job first. Then I came to delhi to visit a relative. Here in Nangloi, I saw a bouncer for the first time and talked about a job there. There I was hired as a bouncer for an event. Here I saw that there is a lot of discrimination between female bouncers and male bouncers. Female bouncers do not get the same respect as male bouncers. I started opposing these things. It was achieved that women bouncers were also given respect. After that, I took over as a female bouncer in several events one after the other. Apart from taking over as a female bouncer in the indian idol team, I have worked as a bouncer in many big events till a concert of Sonu Nigam.

Own company in 2021

After all this, in 2021, I started my own security company. Named it- Mardani Bouncer. 1500 girls are associated with my company. My aim is that girls should get full respect and name in this field. They should not be considered just security guards. The bouncer creates such a safety net for you, which if crossed, can also take concrete steps against the other person.

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