IAS ambassadors for Telangana weavers...!

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IAS ambassadors for telangana weavers...!

Female IAS and IPS officers have brought a new brand to telangana handloom. All the credit in this regard should be given to Smita Sabharwal who plays a key role in telangana CMO. One more thing should be mentioned here.

It is known that after the formation of telangana state, the famous tennis player sania mirza from hyderabad was selected as the brand ambassador of telangana cloth in the kcr government. It is known that more money is given to her who is already famous with the game and is earning big.

What did sania mirza do to the telangana weavers after taking so much money? If you ask the question, there is no answer. The behavior of Smita Sabharwal, who is an IAS officer, with the desire to bring a new image to the telangana woman, when Sania was set up as a brand ambassador and lost money as if people's tax money was bet, is not only interesting, but it makes me feel to congratulate her wholeheartedly.

Recently she posted on social media wearing a beautiful handloom saree. netizens responded positively to the photo, which was meant to promote Cheneta. Not stopping at posting the photo, hyderabad Police Commissioner CV Anand, IT Department Secretary Jayesh Ranjan and some other IAS and IPS officers challenged them to wear handwoven clothes.

Those who accepted this challenge wore handwoven clothes of their choice and created buzz on social media. With this.. now the discussion on handloom cloths has started once again. Some other women IAS officers who have responded to this challenge started by Smita Sabharwal are responding on a large scale.

They were joined by IPS. Harichandana, Shikta Patnaik, Pramila Satpathy, Shikhagoyal, Swathilakra, etc., who are acting as collectors, are throwing every challenge by wearing handloom sarees of their choice. With this.. not only a new image of telangana handloom has grown, but it is said that the demand has increased.

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