Son or Daughter?? Illegal Gender Reveals in India!!

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Is the fetus' girl or boy? The flower is the female child and the head is the male child. Such code words are used at scan centers in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri districts to indicate the sex of the unborn child. It has been revealed that abortions are also performed by fake doctors, especially if the second or third child is identified as a 'girl child'.

Two weeks ago, a pregnant woman named Vanja in Dharmapuri was found to have a baby girl in her womb and she had an abortion paid for by fake doctors. Fake doctors, who did not study medicine properly, were unable to remove the fetus from Vanja's womb and sent him home with a miscarriage. When Vanja returned home suffering from pain, it was only when her mother rushed her to the krishnagiri government Hospital for emergency treatment that government officials came to know that the abortion had taken place with the help of fake doctors.

During the ensuing investigation by the health department and the police, seven people were arrested, including fake doctors who performed abortions on Vanja. In addition, they were found to have a modern scan tool. The gang has been known to bring in several pregnant women into a home, scan them and encourage abortion.

Following this, information on how easy abortion is in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri districts was gathered. We talked to a lot of people like women’s organizations, health officials, teachers. Those who run the scan centers did not come forward to speak. But the woman who took a relative to perform the abortion hid her identities and told about the field situation.

First, when asked about the codes used in scan centers, social activist Senthilraj clarified. '' Although many scan centers have notice boards that do not state the sex of the unborn child, in practice the gender is told by codes. Occasional cases of abortion are prevalent in Dharmapuri, krishnagiri and Tirupati. In the scan centers, the fetus in the womb is referred to as a female child and the head as a male child. Knowing sex so easily, many parents engage in abortion. The practice of abortion is common in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri districts, especially if the second or third child is a girl, ”said Senthilraj.

He described unemployment and caste-based marriages as reasons for female abortion. "Many in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri districts have to go to Bangalore, kerala and chennai to work. Career growth is low here. Younger marriages are more likely to take place because children are raised by grandparents at home.

In addition, caste-based marriages are on the rise. Even more so in Dharmapuri, where parents do not want marriages between teenage children to take place between Vanniyar-Dalit communities. parents consider it a disgrace to marry a girl child who changes caste during adolescence. parents who are forced to go to neighboring districts and states in search of employment are unable to ensure the safety of their daughters, so they consider having an abortion if they have a second or third baby girl, even if they have a baby girl. He also says that future expenses for the girl child also push parents to abort.

"Prices have risen sharply than ever before. parents living in poverty are worried about whether they will be able to keep their income and spend on girls in the future. It is in this suffering that fake doctors are being sought for abortion, ”says Senthil Raj. According to the National Family health Survey, there were 954 girls for every 1,000 boys in tamil Nadu in 2015-16. The same study found that in 2020-21, there were only 878 girls for every 1,000 boys. Child welfare activists say the figures show that the decline in the number of female children is due to abortions that determine the sex of the unborn child.

Valli (name has been changed) says that many women in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri districts have had the experience of having an abortion at least once. '' My cousin is currently 25. He got married at 17 years old. He currently has three daughters. When the scan revealed a fourth baby girl, the adults in the house told her to have an abortion. The woman was threatened that her husband would marry someone else. I had no choice but to take the abortion. Many women in our town have had abortions at least once, '' Valli said.

He also says that parents do not want girls because there are no immediate solutions to complaints of sexual harassment in the villages. "Most children are raised without parental care and under the supervision of an adult. If a girl child is sexually abused, it takes a long time for justice to be served. Thus, they think that there is no need for more than one girl child and that the solution is to abort the girl child, '' Valli said. We spoke to tamil Nadu health Minister Ma Subramaniam about preventing further abortions in tamil Nadu. We asked why abortion is a saga, especially in Dharmapuri and krishnagiri areas.

'' people who had abortions in Dharmapuri have been arrested. Many private scan centers are bent on making more money by performing abortions due to greed. Scan centers across tamil Nadu are testing the sex of the unborn child. We will take action against those involved in the violation. In addition, young marriages are more common in the hill villages of Dharmapuri. That too is a factor in abortion. We have organized drama awareness programs through the Social Welfare Department, ”he says. 

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