'Graduate Chai Wali' runs a tea stall with pride!!

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Selling tea is no longer a small task, but it has become a big startup. Educated people are now starting tea startup. Although you will get to see most of the boys in these, but if you are in patna, the capital of Bihar, then you can definitely see a girl carrying a tea stall.   

Graduate Chai Wali 

24-year-old priyanka Gupta is popularly known as 'Graduate Chai Wali' in the city. Priyanka, who has graduated in economics from mahatma gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth in Varanasi, is a resident of Purnia. She sets up a tea stall near patna Women's College.

Actually, priyanka has been giving other competitive exams including bank's competitive exam for the last 2 years. Although she could not succeed in any examination, but despite this she did not lose her courage. Instead of returning to his home, he made up his mind to set up a tea stall in patna itself. 

A step towards self-reliant India 

It has not been long for priyanka to take this decision. She has been selling tea since april 11. The great thing is that despite being a graduate in economics, priyanka does not feel any hesitation or embarrassment in setting up a tea stall. He believes that his step is his contribution in making india self-reliant. 

There are many types of tea available 

At Priyanka's tea stall, you will get to drink many new and unique varieties of tea like Kulhad Chai, masala Chai, Paan Chai and chocolate Chai. The big thing is that they have kept the price of each type of tea at only 15 to 20 cups. Priyanka, who opened her shop outside patna Women's college, says that her main customers are students. To attract customers, priyanka has kept the punchlines of her tea startup 'Peena Hi Pagaga' and 'Soch Mat... Chalu Kar De Bas'. 

He did not give information even at his home before starting this work. She left for patna from her home Purnia on 30 January. While coming, she did not tell her father about the tea work and told him that she was going to patna to study. After this, he visited many tea shops in patna for two months and tried to understand how the business of tea shop runs.

After not getting the benefit of the Prime Minister's Mudra Loan Scheme, priyanka got 30 thousand rupees on march 21 by her friend raj Bhagat to start a tea shop. After financial help from a friend, he bought a tea stall and other items for ₹ 12500. In this way, priyanka started her small tea startup near patna Women's college from april 11.

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