Feroze Gandhi was the first rebel of Indira Gandhi...?

Sindujaa D N

For former prime minister indira gandhi, the relationship with her husband Feroze gandhi was very complicated. 

However, in a letter written by indira gandhi after Feroze Gandhi's death, Feroze stated that she would stand by him whenever he needed to.

Indira was fine until she took her two children from their home in lucknow and moved to her father’s house Ananda Bhavan.

Indira gandhi, a member of the congress party, started working against corruption within the congress party in 1955. 

Congress was very strong in parliament during that period. Feroze gandhi, the last member of the ruling party parliament, was not only the leader of the then unofficial opposition but also the first anti-corruption fighter in this young nation.

Due to the scandals he exposed, many people had to go to jail and the insurance industry was nationalized. The then Finance minister DD Krishnamachari had to resign.

Jawaharlal Nehru was not happy about the way his son-in-law Feroze gandhi acted in Parliament. Indira also did not praise her husband for his important deeds.

Feroze gandhi was the first to discover his wife's authoritarianism. In 1959, Indira called Indira a 'fascist' in the presence of Nehru at the dinner table, at the Ananda Bhavan, as she committed to overthrowing the world's first communist state that came to power through elections and implementing the presidential rule in Kerala. He almost predicted in one of his speeches that a state of emergency would be declared.

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