Urvashi Rautela excited about her international debut with Aislados


Former beauty queen and actress urvashi rautela is excited about her international debut with "Aislados" and says it is a great honor for her to represent not only india but all of Asia in the film. She said "I'm truly grateful and blessed, and it is a great honor for me to represent not only india but the entire Asia and to be the only single actor representing Asia. I collaborated with really famous international artistes, so that was very fulfilling".


Aislados", a Spanish-English mini-documentary, is about a health crisis. It is directed by Luisito Comunica and Juanpa Zurita. The mini-documentary has released in 30 countries in Spanish and english on youtube originals. "This documentary will show life around the world in the data-face of the health crisis, from testimonies to cities that seem to have come out of an apocalypse. This documentary will travel around 30 countries and reflect on the new lifestyle in these months. This is a four part mini-documentary series that really encapsulates the highly contrasted realities that we are going through right now, it shows the strength hope and resilience of the human race during these hard times".


urvashi had earlier shared her excitement for the film on social media. She added "I'm glad that my efforts have been appreciated and recognized. I'm a proud indian and wear that on my sleeve. It's humbling to be on the receiving end of such love, support and acceptance for me as an entertainer in new geographies.

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