5 things women want from you on bed, but never open it up!

Sekar Chandra
Women are really an unimaginably tough to understand completely and relationships are indeed way too complicated than you think! Well here is small tip about what your partner needs from you, while you both are on bed! Confidential but every one have to know about this.

1. Do your part too It is not that it is up to her to do all things, you should take charge of action and some things that could make her feel better. Yes this is true she is a person and she needs to get some fun time too!

2. Spontaneity is important Don't just limit yourself with few definite steps, do what you did when you are beginner in gym, mix it up with different actions.

3. Listen up always This is a main thing to focus while having sex, just listen it up to her to know what and how she wants it to be did! Faster or slower for example like that kind of actions.

4. Experimentation Think out of box and do new and innovative things to make a new experience, it is up to you to invent new things. Make sure it is safe and interesting!

5. Be dirty Behave a gentleman in public and to newbie, but not in private room and on bed with your companion! Be frank and dirty enough to share your thoughts!

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