Billionaire Elon Musk's secret to good sleep!!

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Billionaire Elon Musk's secret to good sleep!!

Elon Musk on quality of sleep:Billionaire Elon Musk has suggested for good sleep. He said that for quality sleep, raise the tip of your bed by 3 to 5 cm. Apart from this, do not eat anything for 3 hours before sleeping.

For the past few days, Elon Musk, the world's biggest billionaire, has been very much in the news for buying or not buying Twitter. But now he has told the secret of good sleep by making a new tweet. He often talks about something on his twitter account. Sometimes they tell new tricks about business and sometimes they say inspirational words for the youth. This time everyone is going to benefit from the things he has said. Actually, Elon Musk tweeted and said, If you want to improve good quality sleep, then set the end of the bed by 3 to 5 cm. Apart from this, whenever you go to bed, do not eat anything for three hours before it.

This is how Musk answered its benefits

On Elon Musk's tweet, jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber, popularly known as Mr. Beast, asked that someone please tell me how these two things Musk told me would help. Elon Musk himself answered this. He made a second tweet and wrote that these two measures will reduce the problem of acid reflux. The quality of sleep is affected to a great extent due to acid reflux. Actually, acid reflux is a type of acidity. When we eat food, the acid present in the stomach starts moving upwards in the opposite direction. This causes many problems. Obviously this will also cause sleep problems.

Elon Musk sleeps for 6 hours

A year ago Elon Musk said that he sleeps 9 hours a night. He had also talked about reducing sleeping for so long. After a year, he now sleeps only 6 hours and he has also admitted that the quality of sleep has improved. A few days ago, on an American podcast, Musk said that now he sleeps for 6 hours, but if he sleeps less than this, then there is a decrease in impulsivity.

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