Swiggy Delivery boy to Web Developer..! Success Journey!

Sowmiya Sriram
Swiggy Delivery boy to Web Developer..! success Journey!
We are looking at the many successes of ordinary people who have reached great heights through their hard work. While still in college, Sheikh Abdul Sattar, a young man from Bangalore, worked as a delivery man for several companies, including Swiggy, to alleviate his family's poverty and for his personal expenses. He also sent the money to his family to cover his expenses. He also worked as a driver for a few companies, including ola and Uber.
In this position, he met one of his close friends and studied Code Developing course as per his advice. He set aside time for the developing course from 6 pm to 12 pm and then got up early at noon and learned the process of those lessons online at home.
Following this, Sadar got a job in a technology company in Bangalore after completing a web development course. After he got a lot of hand salary in this job he raised all the debts that his parents bought and raised the status of his family.
Wishes were heaped on him when he told about his successful journey on the social website. Someone in the comment section said that your success story is amazing and that you are an example of how even a normal person can reach great status with hard work and dedication.
Many have congratulated him on making his journey in the field of web development even better.It is noteworthy that, as one scholar said, it is not wrong to be born poor, but it is wrong to die poor.

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