Salute! Mother of 3 claims to do 15 Crore business with breast milk!

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Every woman dreams of becoming a mother. When her dream is fulfilled, she does not forget to enjoy her motherhood period. During this, she does not forget to breastfeed her children. But do you know any mother who is earning big money through breast milk jewellery? If not, then you should meet ' Safiya Riyadh ', a mother of 3 children living in London.

Mother of three children is making breast milk jewellery 

Safiyya Riyadh, a mother of three, lives in Bexley, London, and runs a company called magenta flowers with her husband Adam Riyadh. He opened this company in 2019 and now he keeps getting orders for more than 4 thousand bouquets. At the same time, now Safiya is trying to get into the business of making breast milk jewellery with her husband.

Estimated to have a business of 15 crores by 2023

Safiya says that the demand for jewelery has increased in the world nowadays. He is also getting orders for breast milk jewelery from all over the world. 

He believes that the company can do a business of 1.5 million i.e. 15 crores by 2023. He has also estimated a growth of 483 percent annually in this business. 

business idea came during lockdownThis idea came to Safiya during the lockdown, when she read an article related to it. After this she started working on it and along with her husband, she also experimented on breast milk jewelery during the lockdown. 

To make Safiya Jewellery, first preserve the milk and then mix it with non-yellow resin and prepare it with a process. 

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