Putin's One man show to all the super Powers!?

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Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, wants the world to be proud of his dominance. For this reason, he did not waste any time in launching the battle.

The dispute between russia and ukraine has been in discussion for the past several days. Yesterday this dispute went a long way by breaking the boundary. 

Russia also gave recognition of a separate country by breaking its neighbor ukraine into two parts. russia is also preparing to attack Ukraine. 

In the midst of all this, America and all the western countries are standing with ukraine and russia is alone in front of them. What is the strength of russia, which it stands to compete with the most powerful countries of the world?

 Who is the person who wants victory and his stubbornness at all costs? The answer is - Russian President Vladimir Putin.

1. father who worked in the Soviet Navy

Russian President Vladimir Putin was born on 7 october 1952 in Leningrad, Soviet Union. It is now called St. Petersburg. It is said that Putin's mother worked in a factory and his father was employed in the Soviet Navy.

2. Studying Law

In september 1960, Putin started his studies at a school near his home. After this, he studied law at St. Petersburg State University.

3. 16 years job as a detective

In 1975 Putin joined the Soviet Union's intelligence agency KGB. After working as a spy for nearly 16 years, Putin resigned from his post and entered politics.

4. Became close to Boris Yeltsin

In 1996, Putin moved to moscow and became director of the Federal Security service in the government of then-President Boris Yeltsin. During this time he also became very close to Boris. In 1999, Boris also made Putin prime minister.

5. Married in 1983

In 1983, Putin married Lyudmila. Often there were reports in the media that there was a lot of separation between the two due to Putin's often busy with his work. There has also been talked of separation of both.

6. Became President for the first time in 1999

Yeltsin resigned as President on 31 december 1999. Putin became the acting President after him. On 26 march 2000, Putin won the first presidential election. 

He remained in this post till 2008. After this, in 2012, he again became the President. In 2018, Putin got the presidency of russia for the fourth time. He is the second european President after Alexander Lukashenko to have the longest term.

7. Also nominated for Nobel Prize

Putin was also nominated for the Nobel prize in 2014. An organization of writers led by Russian writer Sergei Komkov sent Putin's name to the Nobel Committee.

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