World record for Fastest Signature with both hands!?

Jhanvi has made a world record in Fastest Signature. She also writes in the examination with both hands.
Janhvi Ramtekar is a resident of jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. He is proficient in writing with both hands. His name is recorded in india Book of Records and Harvard World Record.
Jhanvi can sign a total of 36 times with both hands in 1 minute. 18 times with 1 hand ( 18+18=36). Not only the signature, Jhanvi also writes the copy of the exam with both hands simultaneously and also gets the painting done. Jhanvi is pursuing a course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering from Delhi.
Jhanvi has been suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jhanvi had suffered from a disease called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome just a few days before the 10th exam. Due to illness, his right hand had stopped working.
 Jhanvi herself took the exam with her left hand when she could not find a writer for the exam. After some time his illness got cured but this disease made Jhanvi learn to write with both hands.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a type of disease in which pain starts in the hands and wrists. Hands go numb. As the disease progresses, it becomes difficult to do manual work. Has won the title of Ambidextrous Girl
Jhanvi has got the title of 'ambidextrous girl' for writing with both hands. Ambidextrous is said to such people who write with both hands. For this talent, Jhanvi's name was registered in the india Book of Records in 2020.
 A few months later, his name was also recorded in the Harvard World Records. He has made this record by signing 36 times with both hands in 1 minute.
Everyone is surprised to hear his talent. Apart from the signature, Jhanvi also makes paintings with both hands. The story of Jhanvi Ramtekar is a perfect example of finding an opportunity in disaster, from which we all should take inspiration.

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