Koti reddy Saripally - He is not a boss, he is a family member say staff

Everyone thinks of peaceful life. Only few think of successful life. koti reddy Saripally comes under second category. He created sensations in a very young age but he is not born with silver spoon. He’s born to parents after two daughters whose main occupation is agriculture. His life is not a fairy tale. He data-faced many difficulties in his journey. But, every difficulty he data-faced is defeated with his patience, skill and hard work. This made him a challenging person. He answered everyone in english who criticised him for his english in his past. This shows his will power.

Koti reddy passed only 10th class but he got job in the company which is a dream for many graduates from top universities of the world. He came back to india to serve his mother land. He thought that his knowledge, hard work and efforts should be useful to his mother country than other country. He established 14 companies in india providing job opportunities to laks of people in India. No, he is not a person. kotii reddy is a dynasty.

Great thing in koti reddy is he never behaved like a boss or M D. koti reddy became a brother to his employees and treated every small and big employee as his family member. This is the reason why every person who benefited from him wishes for his success and long life.

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