Hardik Pandya-Natasha couple breakup..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Hardik Pandya-Natasha couple breakup..!?

Hardik Pandya-Natasha Stankovic Heading For Divorce? That is, yes, the campaign is going on social media. hardik Pandya's team's failures in indian Premier League 2024 have become a topic of discussion. Mumbai Indians became the first team to be knocked out of the playoff race. Now there are rumors that hardik is separating from his wife Natasha Stankovic. But how true is this? A netizen posted that Natasha-Hardik is not sharing each other's stories on Instagram.

Earlier Natasha had Pandya on her instagram as ``Natasha Stankovic Pandya''. But now she has completely deleted his name... More on this same post. Her birthday is march 4.. No post from hardik on that day. Except for the post with Agastya, she and hardik also deleted all recent posts. Nor does she appear. Krunal - Although Pankhuri is still commenting on her posts, posting articles related to this IPL or team. But the Redditor expressed his suspicions that something is definitely going on between the two of them. All these are just rumors. Netizens' speculations should be considered only. If Harthik responds that there is no truth in this, there will be no clarity. In a few days, hardik will participate in the t20 world cup to be held in the USA as well as in the West Indies. He is the vice-captain of the indian cricket team. He is going to be the key to the fortune of the team in the upcoming tournaments.

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