Condom & Stones in Samosas Served to Employees..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Condom & Stones in Samosas Served to Employees..!?
Condoms, Gutka, and Stones in Samosas Served to Automobile Company. A case has been registered against five people. A case has been registered against five people after condoms, gutkha, and stones were found in samosas supplied to an automobile company in Pimpri Chinchwad, pune, Maharashtra. The accused Rahim Shaikh, Azhar Shaikh, Mazar Shaikh, Firoz Shaikh, and Vicky Shaikh allegedly put condoms, gutka, and stones in the samosas. Among them, one worker has been arrested. A case has been registered against all the accused under IPC 328 and Sections 120(b) and 34. According to a report published by PTI media, "Those who mixed condoms, gutka, and stones in the samosas included two workers from a sub-contractor and three from another company who had done similar adulteration earlier. The victim, Keerthikumar Shankarao Desai (age 36), a resident of pune, belongs to an automobile company. He lodged a complaint at the Sigli police station on Sunday, april 7, about the adulteration of the samosas. In his complaint, Desai accused five people, including the owner of the company. Commenting on the incident, pune police said, "The complainant, Keerthikumar Shankarao Desai, works as an Assistant General Manager at Catalyst service Solutions Partners Pvt Ltd in Aundh. His company had secured a contract to supply food to a major company in Sigli. As part of the contract, SRS at Pimbri Morwadi Enterprises was engaged by Desai to distribute samosas.
A problem arose when Samosas supplied by SRS Enterprises were found to contain 'First Aid Bandages'. Following this, Desai immediately terminated the contract with SRS Enterprises. Following this, they contracted another Pune-based company, Manohar Enterprises, to cater to their food delivery needs. Enraged by the incident, the owners of SRS Enterprises, Rahim Shaikh, Azhar Shaikh, and Mazhar Shaikh, plan to take revenge on Desai's company by taking a nasty and very low-level act. To contribute to the reputation of the newly contracted company, Manohar Enterprises enlists the help of their colleagues Feroze Shaikh and Vicky Shaikh to infiltrate the company as daily wage laborers.
Acting on the plan of the owners of SRS Enterprises, Feroze and Vicky fill samosas with condoms, stones and gutka, aiming to sabotage Desai's deal with Manohar Enterprises. It was given to automobile workers on Saturday. Then some staff found condoms, gutka and stones in the samosas. On investigation of the employees of Manohar Enterprises, it was revealed that two workers had mixed condoms, gutkas and stones in the samosas. They were identified as Firoz Shaikh and Vicky Shaikh. Desai's company immediately filed a complaint with the police department when it came to know about this shady plan.

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